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What We Offer

Professional Project Management of film, photo, and web/print projects.  We provide the following services tailored to your specific project needs serving in capacities including, but not limited to:

Fashion Director

Art Director

Makeup Artistry (MUA)


Brand Planning

- Initiate and design project plans and tracking to ensure time, scope, and budget are maintained while delivering quality.

- Ensure that each project has the specific financial and personnel resources it requires to be successful

Freelance Art Director

An art director executes a strategy, concept or idea provided by the fashion/creative director. After the concept has been created, the art director is generally responsible for the stylistic look of the ad or design. Brainstorming with workers provides direction and inspiration to the staff, which includes the graphic designer, sketch artists or typesetters. The art director helps maintain brand consistency. Their responsibility oversees the project through the production department and other phases, including prepress and printing. The art director may have the final approval for delivery of the project if there is no fashion/ creative director.

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    Fashion Director

    The fashion director will oversee and direct the project from the early phase to the delivery of concept. This director will oversee the entire team, which includes the stakeholder, photographer and art director. The fashion director generally has the final say on what gets delivered to the client. This vital position nurtures the agency's talent and also steers its design philosophy.

    Meetings That Matter

    - Attend sales presentations to help clients understand the creative angle of each marketing program.

    - Work with the executive team to implement marketing materials for the firm to help increase the firm’s exposure.

    - Collaborate with design personnel to ensure that all creative ideas are presented properly.

    Managing With Precision

    - Serve as the liaison between outside agencies, freelancers and internal resources to ensure vision is maintained while execution quality standards are met.

    - Guides team members in choice of creative solutions to meet client needs including medium, typographical treatment; image selection; choice of color palette; concept planning and execution; format of printed document or multimedia solution appropriate to delivery method and audience.

    “Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.”

    -Naoto Fukasawa

    Meet The Team

    Jet B.

    CEO/ Fashion Director

    Pat Dew Sebastian's Photography & Design

    Pat Dew

    Sebastian's Photography & Design

    Pamela Myers

    Fitness Contributor - Pamela Myers Fitness

    Octavia W. Freelance Photographer - Lionhouse Productions

    Octavia W.

    Freelance Photographer - Lionhouse Productions

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    “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”
    — Coco Chanel