Hurt -> Harmony

Good day Loves,

A footnote as you juggle life and your business, we find that our emotions have a huge impact on how productive we are and how sharp our focus is.  Learn to take control of forces that disrupt your vision. 

Harmony is defined as an agreement or accord.  Let a positive mindset, hunger for the goal that you cannot go a day without envisioning, and love for your harmony.  To begin healing and bringing inner peace into your life, you must first take steps to gain control of your daily habits. Remember: 

- Every moment is your defining moment

- Embrace your pain, failure, and fear

-Wake up fearless and overwhelm yourself with love

- Your daily mental workout should consist of pouring positivity into yourself, repelling negative energy, and working on your goals and dreams everyday

- You deserve light.  The universe is calling you, the time to answer is now.  Right now.

- Take your experiences for what they are...lessons.  Stand in the moment, release the pressure of your emotions, learn the lessons, forgive yourself and others...then move on.  Keep going.

- Time is too precious for you to sit and stew in sadness and disappointment.  Do not place your happiness in someone else's hands. 


Be love + light.

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